Fostering clarity, confidence and connections to navigate complexity

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the conditions
for change

We design and facilitate participatory processes and programmes which help cultivate the conditions for transformational change at the individual, organisational and system levels.

Our work is diverse and ranges from strategy process facilitation to leadership programmes and multi-stakeholder events, and organisational learning and coaching.

We collaborate with our clients to create shared understanding, alignment and ownership so they can experiment, learn and adapt actions through complexity towards the positive impact they are aiming to achieve.

how we work

Systemic, action‐oriented and impact‐focused

Our work is based on the principles of systems practice and while utterly driven by a focus on creating positive impact it is equally practical and grounded by getting people into action.

Our approach is systemic and involves working with clients to define complex challenges, seeing the systems we operate in, spotting leverage points, helping people act strategically to collaborate across boundaries and leverage diversity.